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Seed Orchards

The Key Stage in Forest Tree Breeding and Sustainable Forest Management

May 20-24, 2024
Brasov, Romania

The venue of the conference is the Aro Palace Hotel

The IUFRO Seed Orchard Conference 2024 is a scientific event that aims to focus on the role of seed orchards in forest tree breeding and forest management under climate change and other societal challenges’ effects

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“Seed orchards are the most essential environmentally friendly way to increase forest production. They contribute to an economically stronger forestry. Seed orchards create more renewable resources, which replaces fossil. Under climate change, the adaptability of local populations is replaced with assisted migration, where seed orchards are efficient”


Dag Lindgren, 2024

The IUFRO Seed Orchards Conference 2024 is a great opportunity to share knowledge, foster collaboration, and advance in the fields of seed orchards and forest tree breeding.

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